Why did it I put it off for so long?

Why did it I put it off for so long?

How many times have you said it? Well, think about it: why do we avoid doing things that we KNOW are good for us? Things that we KNOW will make us better? It’s pretty simple, actually; we prefer the path of least resistance.

It’s human nature.

We eat processed food because cooking takes too long. We skip out on the gym because we have to change our clothes and drive there. We watch TV at night because it’s easier to grab the remote than it is to throw on shoes after dinner and go for a walk. Essentially, we are primed to take the path of least resistance, and overcoming the inertia to do anything beyond that is just too hard.

So, do we just accept that? Accept that the path of least resistance is our fate and eat garbage and be sedentary from here on out? Or, can we make the path of least resistance work for us instead of against us?

I vote for the latter.

How to Change the Path of Least Resistance:

  • Prepare large portions of lean protein and store for later use.
  • Keep chopped veggies in the fridge instead of chips or junk food in the pantry.
  • Pack your lunch the night before to take to work.
  • Make hard Boiled eggs on Sunday to grab for breakfast every morning.
  • Cook crockpot meals that you can eat all week.
  • Layout your gym clothes the night before and work out first thing in the morning.
  • Keep your gym bag in the car so you can work out after work without going home.
  • Join a gym that’s on your route to and from work.
  • Put Peanut butter in your office so you have a healthy snack at arm’s reach.

Basically, I want you to make it easier to care for your body than it is to neglect it. Change the path of least resistance and make it work for you instead of against you. Sure, it takes a little bit of planning on the front end, but once you make that a habit, your fitness efforts will become more effortless and less likely to be ignored.

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