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The Two Mindsets You Need To Avoid As You Make Goals For Next Year Part 2

The Two Mindsets You Need To Avoid as you make your Goals for Next Year Part 2

In my last post I wrote about how it is that time of year when everyone gets ambitious to set goals and move into 2018 with a voracious mindset. AND often after just a few weeks of investment they get impatient and fall off the wagon.

If you would like to review that post, check it out here.

The second mindset that gets in the way is not meant to feel like name calling, but rather, it is meant to help people understand that too often they fight the good fight without the proper help or without the proper tools.

Improper Mindset #2: Arrogance
The Definition of arrogance is an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions.

Arrogance can be a forward thinking quality when used from a positive position but too often if a person is arrogant, well they are also ignorant too. Too often people think they can achieve things on their own. In the last mindset post we learned about Sam Walton. Could he have built Walmart all by himself? Absolutely not.

But people tackle fat loss, time management, behavior modification and starting a healthy lifestyle all alone.

Sometimes I see people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s trying to start exercise programs they used when they played high school football or did dance in middle school. Programs have evolved and sometimes people think what worked for them once before absolutely will work now.

I consider myself a pretty smart guy and sometimes, that spills over into thinking that I can do it on my own. I’m sure you can see how this could hold me back.

I figured if I worked hard, learned as much as I could and focused, I would get everything done by myself. I would save money, and know everything about my business in and out.

What is the inherent problem with this picture? I am assuming too much. This line of thinking is so counter-productive that it’s amazing I ever managed to accomplish anything at all.

At first, I was completely blind to it. I was working hard. But was I working smart? I had no idea how long it was taking me to do things that were not my expertise. I entered the fitness business to help people get healthy. I know how to design a program that will work fast and efficiently. I know what exercises to do and what order to put them in so that you get results quickly. I know what used to work 10, 20, 30 years ago and what science has proven to be more efficient in the last 30 years.

How did I know all this? I studied, I learned from experts, I went to seminars, continued my education and experimented on myself and clients when something new evolved. I became an expert.

But while I was becoming an expert in health and fitness I was NOT becoming an expert in accounting, bookkeeping, law etc. Yet I was trying to keep my own books, I was trying to write contracts and negotiate deals for my business when I should have been reaching out to someone like a tax accountant NYC. It would take me two days to do bookkeeping that would take some bookkeeper 2 hours. A friend of mine did tell me about bookkeeping services that would help me but I didn’t listen. I was arrogant and inefficient. It could have been even worse since there were ASC 606 changes and I didn’t know about it.

The day I figured this out, I changed my destiny. Focus on my strengths and let people who are good at my weaknesses be my expert in that area. In my last post I talked about Sam Walton to make my point. How about another quick example here.

What does it take to become the richest man in the world? Well patience for one. (Mindset #1) AND you also absolutely cannot be arrogant.

It requires a laser like focus on learning from mistakes, and always expanding your network of knowledgeable experts with skills. Warren Buffett combines one of the sharpest minds of several generations and is extraordinarily humble. Buffett often shares his mistakes, even though he usually outperforms his competitors.

He reaches out to like-minded individuals for key information and never assumes he knows everything. He focuses on what he has learned and studied and rarely strays into uncharted waters. The total opposite of arrogance.

So, what is the moral to this story of why arrogance is a poor mindset?

Simple, no matter what you do in life, seek out help when it is beyond your limits. You wouldn’t do your own dental work, you shouldn’t defend yourself in court, it is virtually impossible to perform surgery on yourself.

If this year you are seeking to get healthy, don’t guess. Seek out guidance. It will be faster, more efficient and less expensive in the long run.

The Two Mindsets You Need To Avoid As You Make Your Goals for Next Year- Part 1

It is that time of year when everyone gets ambitious and for some, knowing what to do is not always enough. Sometimes, we need to know what not to do. You know you need to work out and eat right to lose body fat, but do you know things that can sabotage you and get in the way?

Mindsets can be the key to success or the beginning of your demise.

Mindset 1: Being Impatience

Many people, when they do not see immediate success they quit. They get impatient about the speed of progress. Things aren’t moving fast enough. You know another animal that is very impatient. Chimps; they jump from branch to branch, looking for new outcomes, another angle, or another view.
People get impatient too and for many reasons, and regardless the impatient person never finishes anything.

I often say that you can try any diet book and it will work. The blood type diet, ketogenic, low fat, high protein etc. but people go on these diets for 3 weeks and quit. Most of these programs need to be followed through the way they are presented in the book for a minimum of 12 weeks before the metabolic changes occur.
Things don’t happen overnight, things take time. It might sound remedial but until someone realizes this… impatience will hold you back. PERIOD.

The flip side is that you see patience in almost every successful person if you study them.

Take Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. He opened his first store in 1945 and barely scraped by but ever so slowly things improved. He worked at becoming a strong retailer. And then in 1950 he opened his first Ben Franklin store.

Sam Walton is arguably one of the most successful businessmen of all time. It took him over five years before he stopped struggling. Not life changing successful, just losing the fear of going bankrupt tomorrow.

Then Sam spent 12 more years building up a chain of 16 Ben Franklin stores. 17 years after he started his first business, he begins to see what success looks and feels like. Patience.

In 1962, 17 years later, Walton opened his first Walmart and the rest is history. What’s the point? It took the most successful businessmen in history almost 20 years of in the trenches, down and dirty hard work in the retail business before Walmart become a success.

If you want to be successful… you need to be patient. In fitness it will take time to make the changes permanent. And if a person gives up too early, often times you have to go back to the beginning. Patience.

A Results Only Fitness ‘Year in the Life’ of Maxine.

Today, we had a client come into the gym.  She had the biggest smile on her face.  Now, before I go on further, this woman is in her 50’s, she used to remind me of Maxine, the witty character on the greeting cards. When she first joined a little over 20 months ago, she said, “You are so close to my house, I have to at least give it a try, but don’t expect me to like it.” Because she is no longer very much like Maxine, I will not use her real name in this story.

Well, she came in today and mentioned because it was the end of the year, she was transferring all her dates, birthdays, and important information from her 2017 calendar over to the 2018 calendar. While she was doing it, she saw all the things she did as a member with Results Only Fitness in 2017.

She started off the year with our first ever Scavenger Hunt. The gym had over 80 people head out into the desert in teams of 5.  We gave them things to find and do, over the course of 2 hours, at the Dreamy Draw Preserve, and then we had a party at the end for all the finishers.

Next, she joined in on the Anti New Year’s Resolution contest where she lost 15 lbs. She hooked up with one of our teams not really knowing her teammates. She really enjoyed meeting the new guys and gals and learning that with some minor changes to her eating and drinking, she could really make a dent in her weight loss.

Then she talked about the 10 Year Anniversary Party.  Over 300 people showed up for an amazing event. Boy, was she fun on the dance floor.

After that she reminded me that she trained and hiked the Grand Canyon with her family.  We worked with her for 8 weeks in March and April so she would be ready to go and she was definitely ready.  She came in with knee problems and with all the range of motion and stability work we did, she wasn’t even sore after 25 miles of rim to rim and still dropped another 2% of her body fat.

She then did a local 5k where she used the term “wogged” the whole race.  She walked a lot but threw in some bouts of jogging because she knew all the interval training we did in class would help her finish.

After some down time over the summer she did a 3.2 mile Mud Run/Obstacle Course with our Results Only Fitness team.  Climbing, crawling, and “wogging” again around the course that she was so worried about even joining and finishing.

In November she signed up for our 7 Summit Challenge.  This is an all-day City of Phoenix event where we were all challenged to climb 7 peaks around Arizona.  Boy was this a challenge, but the whole team finished and was she proud of herself.

She is finishing up with our Holiday Hold Em’, that started before Thanksgiving. We encourage all of our clients to perform random acts of fitness throughout the holidays to ensure they don’t gain that holiday 10 lbs. In January they weigh in and see how they did. If they kept the weight and fat off they are entered in our raffle of prizes.

“Well,” the former Maxine, said the following.  “You know I am about to do another thing this week!” I said really, knowing full well what was coming… She said, “I am going to get my 100 workouts.”  For those of you reading, another fun program we have starts on July 1st and we ask all our all of our clients to try and achieve 100 workouts before the end of the year and they win a very coveted t shirt. (it is not as easy as it sounds.)

She then said, “you know I wasn’t sure that Results Only Fitness was going to be for me, but it has really changed my life.”  It turns out that before she joined she had recently changed jobs where she had a lot of friends who she now wouldn’t see often.  She then went on to talk about how she has met people for dinner and gone to people’s homes for different events and really enjoyed her new “FAMILY” (her words).

Our goal is to give people of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, etc., a safe place to get or stay healthy.   The accountability and motivation are a by product of the desire to be around like-minded people.   And the bigger picture is you drop inches and lose fat but it starts with being around good people.  I gave a her a hug and said “You know you did all the work.  All we did was set up some fun stuff for you to be challenged to do your best.”

She smiled back as if she wanted to say something but chose not too but did end with this, “So what do you have planned for me next year?”

Good thing I already have our calendar set up.