35 Lessons From Results Only Fitness’ Most Successful Clients

35 Lessons From Results Only Fitness’ Most Successful Clients

How they took the first step, lost the weight, and kept it off.

What’s stopping you from getting in shape? Here, eight answers to that question — and 35 proven ways to finally get the body you want.

You wish you felt better, radiated good health, and maybe even weighed a little less. You wish you could still fit into your college jeans.

You wish you felt more confident, capable, and energetic. Perhaps you dream of the day where—as silly at it seems — you post your vacation photos to Facebook and are actually excited to share them all. Including the swimsuit photos.

Maybe you’ve been saying or thinking all these things for years.

If so, we know you’re not alone.

Here at Results Only, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients who felt the same way. Now, they’re the women you see projecting confidence and walking tall. You might even see some of them chasing their kids around in a bikini this summer.

They’re the guys with flat stomachs and a totally clean bill of health. Maybe even middle-aged dudes playing shirtless beach volleyball like they don’t have a care in the world.

They came to Results Only with all the frustrations, doubts, and health concerns you may be worried about right now. But then they lost fat. They built up their health. They got off their meds. And they took control of their fitness for the first time in their lives.

So we decided to ask them: How’d you do it?

It turns out they had answers for everything. Read on to see the common hurdles they cleared — and exactly how they did it.

1) You can never seem to get started.

Don’t think, just do

If it’s your time, and you’re sitting on the fence… you want to do it, you’re thinking of doing it, you’re not sure if you should do it — jump off that fence. Sounds simple we know but maybe it really is – just do it. And give it everything you’ve got. Why sit on the fence when you can be a part of life?

2) You’re turned off by every weight-loss program and tip you see.

Ignore mainstream advice

Unrealistic (and, frankly, insulting) click bait like “Flatten Your Tummy in 5 Minutes a Day” and “Sculpt Your Butt While Sitting Still” are meant to drive ad sales, not get you in shape. Most of our clients, once they see our positive, systematic approach, realize that the negative tone of health and fitness media was holding them back for years.

Find trustworthy friends or acquaintances who lost weight, and do what they did

Why reinvent the wheel? When you see a true success story unfold before your eyes, copycat away. The majority of our clients come to Results Only by word of mouth. They know someone who has had amazing success transforming their life and want to see for themselves if it would work for them too. It does, time after time.

3) You can’t seem to get your heart in it.

Stop living in “coulda, woulda, shoulda”

To make true progress, allow yourself to focus exclusively on what you can do now. Not in some hypothetical future where everything is perfect. Just do the best you can with what you’ve got right now.

Have your reason

Keep your specific motivation in mind, whether it’s getting fit enough to play sports with your kids, looking great on your wedding day or just moving through your day pain free.

Feel more than you see

Sure, wanting to look better is often what motivates most clients to come in to Results Only. But it’s not what gets them to oh-my-god-you-look-amazing transformations. Healthy eating habits end up improving how they feel — how they move, think and generally enjoy life — which leads to continued healthy eating and dozens of pounds lost over time.

Focus on the joy of movement

Enjoy your body. Take pleasure in movement. Take pride in what you can do. This deep appreciation for physical health is what allows many clients to maintain fitness regimens and weight loss over time.

Recognize true enjoyment

Most Results Only clients come to realize that they’ve been eating mindlessly — packing in calories without really tasting the food — for a long time. For instance, there’s nothing inherently wrong with dessert, but when you learn to enjoy it occasionally, many people find that having it only once in a while is the key to really appreciating it.

4) You sense you’re not being true to yourself.

Pay attention to your environment

Recognize how your surroundings might have caused unhealthy habits to develop. Do you pass by the candy jar several times a day and not even realize how often you grab a handful?

Don’t fall to pack mentality

It turns out that a lot of people have health and weight issues, and often they don’t want to eat poorly; they just do it because everyone else — friends, family, the people around them — is doing it.

Dive below the surface

We can skim the top of our diet issues and see some small, fleeting changes on the scale, or we can really dig into our relationship with food, what motivates it, and figure out how to make it better.

Say goodbye to the old you

This isn’t some meaningless cliche. We’ve found that many people harbor an invisible fear of losing themselves if they lose a bunch of weight. Consciously mourn your old self as you greet the healthier you.

Stay connected to what you love about yourself

Just remember, you deserve all of the amazing insights, strength gains, friendships, learning —as you find and discover a new and best version of yourself.

5) You’re exhausted just thinking about how much work you’ll have to do.

De-emphasize the “work” in “working out”

So many Results Only clients say that one outcome of our program — and something that helps them maintain an optimal exercise schedule — is coming to see movement as play, as fun, as release. Find the activities you love, and moving your body will become something you seek out, not dread.

Know that everyone — everyone — has to work at it

Fit, healthy people who look like they’ve got it all figured out have to put effort into eating right, too. We know, because our coaches themselves talk about it a lot. Clients say getting to know them is comforting, because you can see how they’re so focused on learning, growing, and becoming the best versions of themselves.

Let others fuel you

Forget envy and intimidation. Results Only clients notice that the program allows them to stop saying, “That could never be me” and start thinking of others’ success stories as inspiration. Lots of our clients came to Results Only with significant health issues to solve. Talk to them and let their energy fuel you.

Discover the value of trying

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

6) You know a lot about health and nutrition, but you still can’t seem to lose the weight.

Redefine “knowing”

Sometimes it’s about realizing that no matter how smart we are and how much we know about exercise, if you’re not living it, you don’t really know it. We help people start living what they “know.”

Think of yourself as a beginner

To your family and friends, you might be the go-to person for questions of health and fitness. But if you can find a way to wipe that slate clean and make way for new insights and advice — or even just for hearing them with fresh ears — then you’re much more likely to succeed.

Let others take the helm

A whole lot of Results Only clients know a whole lot about health and nutrition coming into our program. They think, with all this know-how, why’s the weight still sticking to them? Their lightbulb moment: Relinquishing control to coaches, who offer the practical lifestyle advice, professionally designed workouts, daily habits, and — this is key — accountability that’s needed to create real change.

Find accountability

A key component in the Results Only system is the added benefit found by someone else keeping you accountable. Often, the secret to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is consistency. Having someone watch over what you’re doing gives people the consistency it takes to learn to make healthy choices their habit.

7) You can’t figure out how to work it into your busy life.

Realize there’s no such thing as “too busy”

Results Only’s program is practically custom-designed for people who suffer the “I don’t have time” delusion. Our clients often work stressful jobs or have demands on their time at home, but they tell us is that Results Only actually ends up easing their schedule by lending structure to their lives and reminding them to “just make it in for an hour and we’ll take care of the rest.”

Focus on what you can do right now

Forget what you can’t do. Figure out what you’re capable of in this moment, and build from there. Sometimes our clients have to accept that it’s okay to do things a bit differently than others are. You may be struggling with some physical limitations but we are used to dealing with that and will help you discover all that you can do. Start wherever you are. Use whatever you have. Do whatever you can.

Picture the health role model you want for your kids

Now, be that. If you want your kids to be healthy and happy and proud of the way they’re living their lives, then it’s not enough just to pay lip service to that idea — you have to be an example.

Don’t confuse selfishness with self-love

A lot of Results Only clients worry that prioritizing themselves will take them away from the people who need them, potentially damaging professional or personal relationships. Then they discover that the opposite is true: Caring for themselves by addressing their diet and lifestyle makes them look and feel better — and that actually makes them more accessible and present for other people.

Stop thinking you have to dedicate your whole life to losing weight

Sure, some of the changes you have to make to get healthy will be fundamental. But the truth is that you only need a few hours per week to build a great body. By getting the right kind of help and following simple yet powerful daily practices, anyone can lose weight, get healthy, and feel better.

8) You get frustrated and quit.

Recognize that progress isn’t usually a straight line

If you’re gauging success based on how much you weigh each morning, you’re bound to give up before you can establish healthy habits or see real change. Almost as a rule, our clients’ journey looks like a crazy, twisted line of progress, regress, more progress, and lessons learned along the way (we know, because our body analyzer software tracks it for them so they can follow along the whole time). A year later, dozens of pounds lost — for good. Worth the roller coaster ride, for sure.

Find your route at the grocery store

So many people trying to “eat clean” get derailed by the mere sight of processed food. Results Only clients learn how to navigate the supermarket to avoid temptation. The secret: Stay on the perimeter. Calorie-packed chips, cookies, pasta, sauces, and dressings are in the middle. The good stuff like vegetables, meats, eggs, and fruits are stocked on the outside, away from the aisles.

Stop blaming external factors

Take responsibility for your own decisions. Sometimes we have to get real with ourselves and learn the difference between thinking, ‘I have to do x,’ and ‘I choose to do x,’ and ‘I’m doing x.’

Ask the people in your life for help

Results Only clients are always coming to us with these amazing stories about how their family and friends rallied for them. Most people are so hesitant to ask, but when they do find the courage and humility to speak up, they often get better results. The best part? It can be something small, like “please stop bringing cupcakes into the house.”

Make health programs bend to your needs

Too often, people trying to get fit become discouraged because exercise and nutrition programs seem to have been written for someone else. You know why? Because they were. To really lose weight in a lasting way, your plan may have to be customized along the way. No heavy lifting? No running? No problem. We will help modify the workouts to make sure that they are appropriate for your specific needs.

Rewrite the basics

Initially, some of our clients feel like losing weight is at the forefront of their mind; but soon they find that everything has become a habit and they don’t have to think about it so much. The key? Allowing themselves to make truly fundamental lifestyle changes.

Take the good days with the bad

Some days will be better than others, and it’s crucial not to let your inevitable disappointments spoil successes. Stride after stride, you learn about yourself. Keep the pace steady, choose the salad more times than you choose the burrito. Realize you don’t have to be perfect all the time.

Don’t let one cookie derail you

Our clients realize they can have a clean slate every time they mess up because this is about living a healthy lifestyle, and not just a diet. Results Only coaching will teach you habits and change the way you view your body and the food you put in it.

Don’t expect unbroken enthusiasm

Look, at times it’s a slog — and that’s true for everyone. Sometimes you have to drag your ass to the gym, even if you don’t feel like going, and while you may feel like you are slow moving and uninspired at first, once you’re there and you get moving, the energy of the group kicks in and you always feel better and stronger at the end. That’s the beauty of the group dynamic.

Take the first step. Then let us take over.

For most people, getting started is the hardest thing. Figuring out what to do first. Overcoming inertia. Taking that first step into the unknown.

At Results Only we know that all too well. In fact, through our work with our clients we


’ve helped hundred of people move from “all or nothing” to “always something”.

But the first step always begins with you. If you’re ready to look, feel, and live better, we’re here to help. Contact us toschedule your first Strategy Session and get moving towards your better you.

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