Can you Turn Fat into Muscle?

Can you Turn Fat into Muscle?

The other day I wrote a post about myth busting and our clients asked me to keep going so how about another one? Here goes.

Myth- Weight training turns fat into muscle.

Reality-It is physiologically impossible to turn fat into muscle. First adipose (fatty) tissue is the stuff you find under the skin, in between muscles, and around internal organs like the heart. Muscle tissue — (which actually falls into another 3 categories) — is found throughout the body.

What happens when adding strength training really does is help build up the muscle tissue in and around any fat tissue. The best way is to eat a healthy diet of lean protein, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats like olive oil and fish, then you will reduce fat. Then you can use the fat as energy. The lean look most people get is from lifting and getting stronger.

Muscle mass and fat are two different entities:

Muscle is active tissue that burns calories around the clock even as you sleep, Think of your car engine running even if you are in park. When you move and exercise, you burn more calories.

Go back to the car, you go fast you burn more gas than in park.

Fat, on the flip side, acts as a storage of unused energy. It does absolutely nothing except to act as a cushion waiting for you to burn it off. The less you move the harder it is to lose the fat.

Here we go with the car again… if you let your car sit for months the tires will go flat and it will be hard to put air in them. That’s the fat. You have to work hard to get the air in there so you can move faster.

You do need a little fat to stay healthy of course, but unless you’re walking around with killer abs and a tight butt, you probably have nothing to worry about.
If that is not you, read.

To add to the whole myth there is the lack of understanding of what insulin does in the body. It is a key component of growing muscle, but it is released whenever you eat carbohydrates (how much and how fast depends entirely on the type of carbs, however.)

How do we bust the myth?

Train heavy, eat lots of healthy food (quinoa, sweet potatoes, chicken, lean beef, tuna, oatmeal etc.) but no junk food, candy or alcohol.

Muscle burn calories 24/7, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. PERIOD.

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