What you need to know about Fit in 42.

What you need to know about Fit in 42.

Results Only Fitness is a place that constantly learns from others and strives to improve our programming whenever we find something that will enhance what we can offer our clients. Fit in 42 is a system geared to help those that know they need to take a deep dive and reevaluate their lifestyle and the impact it has on their ability to reach their goals. We are now one of only 35 gyms in the country offering this unbelievable program.

We watch some of you work so hard day in and day out but feel like we fail you because your results aren’t where they should be.  For some, we feel like we haven’t figured out a way to reach you and help you create healthier habits outside the gym.  We don’t like seeing you get discouraged, especially when you put so much effort into your workouts. We watch some of you battle with consistency. There are days or weeks where it seems like your running on all cylinders and then something happens to throw you off. We never seem to be able to create a consistent schedule, not only in our gym but your health in general.

Then there are a few of you who seem to be working out “with the parking brake on.”  What we mean is, we see so much potential in you that you don’t see in yourself. Often, we are asking you to “give me a little more” or to try the heavier weights. It’s not because we are trying to be mean, it’s because we know you can do it. We just need to convince you that you can.

Hearing this guy talk about his program really got us interested in how we could help you more.  We love the idea, but at the end of the day it’s something that YOU would need to want, and we know it’s not for everyone.  If this is something that you think you would be interested in just let us know.

The name of the program is Fit in 42.  Check out the website at Fitin42.com.

The way Casey, the founder, described it was, it’s the Betty Ford Center for health and fitness. He calls it a “full immersion, focused energy, educational program.”  What we liked about it was, it’s all about creating habits. It’s not a challenge. It’s more of a lifestyle make over.  It’s about teaching you to make this a lifestyle, which you’ve heard us talking about repeatedly.

Yes, you will lose body fat, and gain muscle. More importantly it will create a foundation of healthy habits for you that will last long after the 42 days are up.  You will know how to eat for your goals, you will know what you’re body is capable of, and you will have all the tools to continue on for a long time.

We know some of the gyms running this program are charging upwards of $2000 for this, but if we were to do it, we would charge about half. Interestingly enough, there are also ways for you to earn money back as you hit your goals. So, the more you follow the plan and create the habits, the cheaper Fit in 42 becomes.

When it comes to this new offering, you should ask the following question, “is Fit in 42 it for me?”

  • Can I commit to 42 days of letting us run all aspects of exercise, nutrition, sleep and recovery? YES.
  • Do I realize your way is not working of half in half out with exercise and eating? YES.
  • Will I follow a step by step, day by day, hour by hour food plan? YES.
  • Am I relatively injury free, or can I work around my challenges? YES.
  • Do I have less than 3 major life events like weddings, or special occasions over the next 42 days? YES.
  • Am I ready to invest in my health and finally stop the insanity? YES.


  • If you won’t go 42 days without alcohol, refined sugar or items that do not constitute clean eating, NO.
  • If your life has so many road bumps over the next 42 days to stay the course, NO.
  • If you need to devise your own food plan and cannot follow step by step the plan provided,NO.
  • If you cannot handle weekly weigh ins, NO.
  • If the idea of a high platform investment makes you feel too uncomfortable, NO.
  • If you don’t like utilizing the Myzone Heart Rate system, NO.
  • If you don’t like the idea of protein shakes, NO.

Our next Fit in 42 starts Sept 10th and there is a 45-60-minute interview process and we will only be accepting 10 participants. It starts in just under 2 weeks!  So, as you can see we like the idea and we think it could be the program that gets some of you on the right track.  If you want more info or you want to see examples of the thousands of before and after pictures, go to the website and please let me know what you think. Fitin42.com.

Fall is a time for getting back into your routine after a summer fun.  As we mentioned earlier, we are here to serve each of you to the best of our ability. If you have any questions regarding Fit in 42, please feel free to reach out by phone, email or chat with us when you are in the gym next.


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