#BobbysBulletin: March 21st, 2017

#BobbysBulletin: March 21st, 2017

This is the last full week of our Anti New Years Resolution Challenge. The goal for the challenge: to work for 8 weeks to develop long lasting habits that will create long term success in the following areas:

Routinely get 4-5 workouts sessions in per week
Prep 80% of your meals on the weekend
Drink appropriate water intake based on your goals
Sleep 7-8 hours per night
Find 15 minutes per day to “chill” and de-stress
And a few other items
This being the final stretch, always comes with interesting conversations with participants.

Specifically in regards to…

How much progress they made and are proud of.
How much progress they made and are not proud of / always thinking ” it should have been more”.
What things went well/came easy…
What things didn’t go well/aren’t quite there yet…
Things they thought would be hard and weren’t…
Things they thought would be easy and weren’t…
How tricky “motivation” is when you actually break it down and don’t listen to nonsense.
How much better they feel when they are “on” as opposed to when they are not…
Everything in between.
As with any challenge we run there will be people who are thrilled and others who are not. This year, in particular, will be interesting because this challenge was completely different than any we have run before.

The line I typically come back to is, “It is okay to always be striving for better and more progress, but what isn’t okay is to not appreciate the process, how far you’ve come, and the progress you did make.”

The competition and battle is and always will be only with your former self. No one else. Even though this challenge had teams of three and was based on points per habit kept, people will still worry about why/why not things did or did not happen.

If for no other reason, the fact that there is no playing field even enough to make a legitimate comparison, should calm some of our participants. My friend Danny Twoguns likes to tell his clients… It’s like an apple getting upset because an orange is better at being an orange. Just be an apple.

Silly analogy? Sure, but it brings the point home for sure. Not to mention how often, the people who are overly critical on themselves are doing extremely well. But that’s another post.

Looking forward to the results as we are going to have some good ones for sure!

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