Success Stories

Success Stories

Rob Davis

I could workout in California but it isn't the same

They are the best. I walked into Results Only after driving by for over...

Steve Gellar


As a Podiatrist and Surgeon in Central Phoenix I found myself working ex...

James Arthur


Lost his sense of movement

Mary Proctor

Just jump right in. It’s really easy, it’s really fun and you just keep m

My life was sedentary before I started the program.

Stacy Kairis


Knows the challenges of getting in shape


Bobby was a huge part of my rehabilitation

I had just started coming to the gym four and a half years ago when I su...


Had multiple knee surgeries

I have had multiple knee surgeries and I figured that there was no chanc...

Kyle Clifford

"They are my peeps"

Before I started at Results Only I was stressed out, working way too muc...

Chris Morrison

Real Estate Professional

Being an Arcadia area real estate professional, I’ve always looked to co...