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The Misconception of Modern Day Exercise

If you’ve followed along with us for the past few months, then this picture is not strange to you. However, it is time that it was really put on blast. As a facility that promotes fitness education along with our training- we just can’t let these lies go on without fighting back.

After this claim surfaced, fitness pros were outraged while fitness fakes capitalized on this rumor. One of the biggest things that is seen in modern day fitness is “creative” approaches that cause more harm than good. A different work out is not necessarily a good work out. A personal training certificate does not mean someone is a good trainer. So, when you’re looking for a gym…look for a gym that holds tight to the basics but understands that everybody is different and workouts should be catered accordingly. Look for a gym that provides fitness education and values a client’s knowledge of what they are doing exactly and why it is good for them.

To address the idea that these exercises are bad for those who are over fifty, we have a few things to say. The original story was by an Orthopedic and Neurological Center that typically deals with triage and post-surgical patients. These patients need a significant amount of recovery time before they can dive back into physical activity. From that standpoint, yes, if your body is not prepared, physically, to do these exercises then by all means hold off. However, in the many cases that we’ve seen, these moves, or at least a variation of them, can be worked up to. It’s all about healing- not quitting!

Programming the body to do these exercises naturally is essential…just like programming the body to do anything. Jumping in full force is never the answer nor is it good for you. We work your way up, we find the proper programming and we approach each move in a way that your body responds well to. We want to set your body up for long term success, not a short-term peak followed by a downfall. Timing is everything, finding a gym that believes this is crucial.

For example, when P-90X came out, our gym had clients walking in our doors left and right with stories about how they had tried all of the intense work outs but had gotten hurt or the class had been ineffective. You can’t walk onto an Olympic track, race against Olympians and wonder why you didn’t win…you didn’t even practice.

Don’t let modern day fitness marketing fool you into believing that the basics are bad or ineffective. Pull-ups, push-ups, squatting with weights, and deadlifts are some of the best things you can do if you’re willing to work to be good at them. Join us in the fight against quick, temporary results to replace that thought process with the fact that endurance and strength are built over time in a way that is catered to your body, not acquired overnight. It is exactly why we here at Results Only Fitness continues to strive to educate and serve while changing the way fitness is done.