I have had multiple knee surgeries and I figured that there was no chance I would ever figure out how to work out again. Then one day my husband came home and said he was going to join Results Only. Like any good wife I was going to be encouraging but for me I was skeptical. After a few weeks I noticed he was getting up for his workout without a fuss. He came home in a good mood and even though work was crazier than ever because of a new promotion, he didn’t seem as stressed as usual. With a little prodding I thought I would check it out and I am so thrilled I did. In the first session I learned that if I simply did a few things differently, modified some of the exercises and took it slow I could actually make it through a whole workout without killing my knees. It was like a miracle! Sometimes I fall back into old habits and need to be reminded that I have to approach the workout with a different mindset but as long as I remain diligent I really don’t hurt anymore. After a month or two I was asked to bring in a picture of the old me and I was shocked. Not only did I look different but I felt different. It was a challenge to even find a picture of my old self because I truly tried not to get my picture taken over the past few years because I didn’t like the way I looked. Now I am more confident, I have lost inches and fat and I look forward to going to my work out instead of dreading it. Who knew I could feel better? I am so glad I do. Thanks Results Only.