What do Vodka and Protein shakes have in common?

What do Vodka and Protein shakes have in common?

What do Vodka and Protein Shakes have in Common?
By Bobby Kelly

I received an interesting question this morning: Client – “What kind of protein should I use and how much do I need every day?” I could spend 20,000 words on this topic but I vowed early on to keep my posts to the point and as short as possible.

There are many viewpoints but the easiest one that I found for our clients is this.

For every lb. you should weigh at your ideal weight you should have 1g of protein. So it should weigh 125 lbs. eat 125 grams of protein. 185 lbs. =185 grams. 220 lbs. = 220 grams.

Some people balk at this for two reasons. They believe some stories out there that it will affect their lives. This has been debunked too many times in the research so I won’t give it any more words.
Others say that is just too hard to do. Well it would be if you had to rely on food only. That is why you should have a 25-50 gram protein shake before your workout and another 25-50 gram shake with 20-60 grams of carbs after. The low number is for the smaller people and the higher number is for the taller bigger people.

So if you work out 5-6 days a week like you are supposed to – you get 50 -100 grams of protein per day right there.

The second part of the protein question is: what kind? There are all kinds of protein out there. Concentrate, Whey, Casein, Soy, Pea, Hemp etc. Maybe I am old school but for athletes stick with Whey. Remember I am trying to keep this easy – not write a thesis so if you have more questions simply comment below.

And not all protein powders are created equal. So how does vodka and protein end up in the same sentence?

Well when you order a vodka drink and it is made with a rail vodka (the one that you have never heard of, used during happy hour and sits at the bottom of the bar so it is arms length for the bartender, aka cheap) it will taste very different then if you get a high-end vodka. Plus the rail drink will give you a killer crappy headache. No one I know actively buys rail drinks after the age of 23 anyway.

If you can go to a superstore and buy a gigantic, dog food size bag of protein powder that has 2000 servings for $25-$40, it is possible they are cutting corners, or adding fillers or doing something that makes it cost less, therefore, it is probably not the cleanest option.You get what you pay for Right?

So if you wouldn’t put crappy vodka in your drink and body why would you put a less than desirable recovery drink that is meant to help you burn fat and look the way you desire in your body?

So I don’t feel the need to promote any specific brand but if you live in the area of Results Only Fitness come in and try a shake on us. We can show you what we use. If you don’t, leave a comment or question below or e-mail me at bobby@resultsonly.com and we will do our very best to help you.

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