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Finish 23' STRONG! Make 24' ICONIC!

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Finish 23' STRONG! Make 24' ICONIC!


Hey there ROF family,

It’s Bobby. I hope your holiday season is starting with great tidings and cheer. I also want to make sure you finish 2023 STRONG on all fronts. Do you have a shot at the coveted 100 workout shirt?  If so… keep showing up.

Are you coming to our Holiday HIke at Dreamy Draw on Saturday at 8am?  All members, family and friends welcome. Even if we have never met but you looked into being part of our family, this is a great way to see what we are all about.  

I wanted to share something very valuable to me…and could be for you!

As I write this email, I have been working on my “Annual Strategic Plan.” It’s something I do every year and have done for over a decade. One of my coaches showed it to me years ago and it has been crucial to put my thoughts, dreams, visions, and action-steps on paper in a systematic way to help remind me of why I do what I do, and the purpose I want to manifest for the upcoming year.

This has been so important especially during the crazy 3 years of covid. Like most people, I was thrown off track because of consequences that were out of my control. I still had a plan that acted as lighthouse to guide me of  “My Why” and where I want to go.

For you, I want to share the “Top 7” questions from this Annual Strategic Plan that might help you frame up your best year…maybe your most ICONIC year coming up here in 2024.

Here are my “Top 7 Questions from my Annual Strategic Plan” for 2024:

  1. Upon reflection, what are your Top 3-5 Lessons from 2023? What are your biggest wins, losses, mistakes, pain-points, or failures but you learned something from them that you can use in 2024… make a bullet point list


  2. How have you changed the MOST in 2023?


  3. What’s currently draining your “juice” these days that needs to change as you head into 2024? (Knowing this, helps frame up next year.)


  4. What are you MOST excited for in 2024? This is the thing that’s giving you the most “focus” or “juice” and driving you to sheer excitement for what you are about to do…


  5. What are your “BIG 5” for 2024? These are the 5 “big” things that when you reflect and look back, one year from now, if you were get these things done, it would be a great year!


  6. What is your “theme” for 2024? It can be one word or a short phrase. My coach would always push for something that you can think of when you are needing a little push and a theme always helps.


  7. If 2024 was going to be the last year of your life, what MUST you do this year?


These are just “7” of my most powerful 28 “MUST-ANSWER QUESTIONS” that can help you live your BEST YEAR in 2024.

But you gotta do the work.

If you answer these 7 questions…and then do the focused work necessary, you are more likely to achieve and manifest your goals, dreams, and desires. This has worked for me more times than I can count.

If you want the whole thing (28 questions) I am happy to show you. Just ask.  

If you answer all 28-questions, then I guarantee you will be on track to have an ICONIC year.

Do the WORK and the rest will follow…

If you come to the hike feel free to chat with me about this.

Welcome to Your Club

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