Full Body Circuits

One of the most common styles of what we show you at Results Only Fitness. 10 to 15 stations are pre-determined by our trainers. Every day is a different circuit, so you never get the same workout ever.  Boredom is the death of consistency, so we want you to never know what is coming. You will get the perfect combination of upper body, lower body, core training, metabolic training, cardiovascular, and everything in between to give you your full body workout. Your master trainer will switch up the timing between work intervals of 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds etc. Then with the appropriate rest of 15, 20, 30 even 40 seconds rest, we create the best power and fat burning workout for you every day.

Back & Forth Workouts

Do you want to constantly move throughout your whole work out? Imagine getting on the treadmill for a quarter-mile, rowing for 500 m, or doing 2 miles on an air dyne bicycle, and interchange that with an 8 to 12 circuit workout. Back-and-forth you go between cardiovascular and strength. This work out can be modified so that a new person can work at their own level and anyone who wants to get after that day can work as hard as they can. A fan favorite at Results Only Fitness.

Superset Workouts

Imagine the perfect 3 or 4 exercises and put them together in a series of sets and reps to be performed in 6-8 minutes. That’s what composes a superset. We combine upper body, lower body, metabolic, and core all wrapped in to 6-8 minutes and then you get a break. Put four or five of these supersets together and you get a one-hour long workout that promises you get your personal workout everytime.

Foam Rolling Ramp

Today foam rolling has become synonymous with a great gym workout. However, 12 years ago Results Only Fitness was a pioneer in offering this much needed precursor to the best workout possible.  Myo fascial release is scientifically proven to ensure the body is ready any intensity workout at Results Only Fitness. Your body is primed and ready for an amazing workout every time. Foam rolling work the kinks out of your whole body to prepare it for our workouts and reduce any possibility of injury.


No workout is complete without time at the end for proper cool down, stretching techniques. This is the time where all your hard work pays off. Your stability, flexibility and mobility are important to us. We make sure your body is cared for after every workout. No matter your age, ability, or exercise level, everyone needs to put in a good 6 to 8 minutes of this kind of work and there were team.

Warm Up

Every class starts with a personalized warm up. Want 20 minutes of walking or maybe just ¼ mile we work with you to decipher your individual program. Every client will ride a bike, get on the rower, jump rope, or walk on the treadmill for at least 3 to 4 minutes and more if you desire. Our philosophy is if your body is warm, it is ready to burn fat as efficiently as possible.


Range of motion, Activation, Movement, Preparation. We teach you the importance of a dynamic warm-up. The best way to explain, imagine you are going to a professional sports team event. You would see the athletes out on the floor/field 1- 1 and 1/2 hours before game time. They perform a series of active mobility exercises to prepare the body for their event. We do a similar warm up for five or six minutes to make sure that you can lift as heavy as you need to, move as efficiently as you want to, and be ready for whatever we’re going to throw at you next. After R.A.M.P., we teach you any number of different styles of workouts, and you are sufficiently prepped for a fun, challenging, age-appropriate, and level appropriate work out.

Personalized Supersets

Each client at Results Only Fitness enters with their own personal goals. Your trainers will work with you to create “Individualized” Supersets to be done for the last 10 minutes of any class so you are working on the areas of your body that are important to you.  It also might be physical therapy type programming to rehab an old injury or stretching that might be necessary for your personal needs.  Or maybe it is a challenging finisher that ensures you did the best you can do over your 60 minutes at Results Only Fitness.

Boxing Circuits

For most people, a 60-minute boxing circuit doesn’t always fit. Boxing only gyms have popped up here and there but most people we find they want some boxing but not a whole class of boxing.  Our owner Bobby Kelly started his career teaching kickboxing around the world.  We realize you might just want to put on the gloves, pound on a bag for stress, (Properly of course) and getting all the benefits of doing boxing training without ever getting hit back. We intersperse boxing into your normal training regimen so that you get the best of both worlds.

Metabolic/Cardio Training

No work out would be complete without a series of intervals. Everyone’s capable of hopping on their bike and going for a ride, or maybe heading out to the bridle path or the canal and going for a walk or run. Most people can take their dog out for a walk at least get their heart rate up. Our metabolic and cardio training takes it to the level that you won’t do on your own. Sprints, hills, intervals of varying degrees to ensure that the time you spend on a treadmill, bike, roller, jump rope, or bodyweight exercise will be perfectly with intervals proven by science.  No need to waste your time doing things that seem hard but don’t burn fat. We teach you that if you’re going to put in the time best to do it scientifically, with proven strategies.