The fitness industry is full of myths and whether you blame the media, the general public’s challenge to know the difference or simple lack of motivation… some of these myths are doing more harm than good

Whether you want to get into bikini shape, run a 5k, or just get healthy you have more than likely tried to jump on the fitness bandwagon for at least a few weeks over the past few years.

But what works and what doesn’t?

I will try and steer you in the right direction. My staff and I read periodicals, research papers and stay informed by going to conventions and continuing education. You don’t want a dissertation, as they say “just the facts”. So if you need further proof private message me and if there is a question that doesn’t get addressed please ask in the comments section.

Myth- To stay or get in shape, once or twice a week work outs will do the trick.

Reality- Once or twice a week won’t cut it for long or short-term health benefits.

If it were 1917 instead of 2018 most of us would be moving as part of our job. Plowing fields, working in a factory or manual labor were the norm. They didn’t need to exercise because their whole day was exercise. Moving fingers over a keyboard is not exercise.
You should do something every day, and by something get physical activity and MOVE! If you haven’t heard it Sitting Is the New Smoking. I will be doing a Facebook live later this week and will explain.

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