The Two Mindsets You Need To Avoid As You Make Your Goals for Next Year- Part 1

The Two Mindsets You Need To Avoid As You Make Your Goals for Next Year- Part 1

It is that time of year when everyone gets ambitious and for some, knowing what to do is not always enough. Sometimes, we need to know what not to do. You know you need to work out and eat right to lose body fat, but do you know things that can sabotage you and get in the way?

Mindsets can be the key to success or the beginning of your demise.

Mindset 1: Being Impatience

Many people, when they do not see immediate success they quit. They get impatient about the speed of progress. Things aren’t moving fast enough. You know another animal that is very impatient. Chimps; they jump from branch to branch, looking for new outcomes, another angle, or another view.
People get impatient too and for many reasons, and regardless the impatient person never finishes anything.

I often say that you can try any diet book and it will work. The blood type diet, ketogenic, low fat, high protein etc. but people go on these diets for 3 weeks and quit. Most of these programs need to be followed through the way they are presented in the book for a minimum of 12 weeks before the metabolic changes occur.
Things don’t happen overnight, things take time. It might sound remedial but until someone realizes this… impatience will hold you back. PERIOD.

The flip side is that you see patience in almost every successful person if you study them.

Take Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. He opened his first store in 1945 and barely scraped by but ever so slowly things improved. He worked at becoming a strong retailer. And then in 1950 he opened his first Ben Franklin store.

Sam Walton is arguably one of the most successful businessmen of all time. It took him over five years before he stopped struggling. Not life changing successful, just losing the fear of going bankrupt tomorrow.

Then Sam spent 12 more years building up a chain of 16 Ben Franklin stores. 17 years after he started his first business, he begins to see what success looks and feels like. Patience.

In 1962, 17 years later, Walton opened his first Walmart and the rest is history. What’s the point? It took the most successful businessmen in history almost 20 years of in the trenches, down and dirty hard work in the retail business before Walmart become a success.

If you want to be successful… you need to be patient. In fitness it will take time to make the changes permanent. And if a person gives up too early, often times you have to go back to the beginning. Patience.

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